Petrel Point Nature Reserve






Petrel Point Orchids

Petrel Point Nature reserve, near Red Bay Ontario, is home to wild orchids including lady’s slippers, rose pogonia, grass-pink, small purple-fringed orchids and broad-leaved twayblade.






All photos copyright James MacDougall 2016

Petrel Point and Isaac Lake Frogs

Bull Frog at Isaac Lake
Bull Frog at Isaac Lake
Bull Frog at Isaac Lake
Bull Frog at Isaac Lake
Leopard Frog at Petrel Point
Leopard Frog at Petrel Point

Water Snake at Bognor

Water Snake
Water Snake by James MacDougall 2016

Walters Falls Loop

Abandoned machinery Walter's Falls
Abandoned machinery Walter’s Falls
Corrosion in Green
Corrosion in Green

The Morland Place

By James MacDougall

“Have you been to the Morland Place?” When I ask locals  this question they usually give me a puzzled look and say “The what?”  I will then explain that it is the interesting looking property at the intersection of Grey Road 18 and the Inglis Falls Road. Then they will nod in recognition and say something like “oh that place!” We all know it’s in our backyard, but it’s not a place everyone has visited despite the fact it’s grounds are open to the public daily May through October from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

The Morland Place is a European style manor house with vast gardens, manicured lawns and a hedge-row labyrinth. The main residence is built around an original 1919 stone house which was purchased by Joe and Vera More in 1945. In the 1980s, their son Barry More, built an addition to the original building in Georgian Regency style. It was a project that took 10 years to complete. The house is in many ways a tribute to Barry’s mother Vera and serves as a showcase of her many collections of antique furniture, books and objects d’art.

Moreland Place
Morland Place Georgian Regency architecture.
Moreland Place staircase
Morland Place staircase with its hand crafted banister.
Moreland Place Staircase
Morland Place Staircase. Note the continuous curve of the banister as it descends
Moreland Place Piano
Morland Place Piano
Moreland Place Cherub
Morland Place Cherub
Moreland Cherubs
Morland Cherubs
Barry More
Barry More and his Cocker Spaniel


Owner: Barry More
Phone: (519) 376-4617
Address: 102645 Grey Rd 18, Owen Sound


Bruce Grey Simcoe: Places to Visit

The Rural Route: Morland beauty

A Thing of Beauty: The Story of Morland Place by Barry Joseph More (ISBN: 978-1-897502-27-3)

All photographs copyright James MacDougall 2015.

The Frogs of Bognor Marsh

By James MacDougall











Petrel Point, Bruce Peninsula

By James MacDougall

This weeks trip took Ray and I visited a number of sites on the Bruce Peninsula. These are some shots from Petrel Point nature Reserve. The area is characterized by cedar groves and meadow marsh and is home to bladderworts, sundews and pitcher plants and a variety of rare orchids. These are all moody black and white pics. We visited around mid-day and the sun was harsh and the colour washed out so the drama of the landscape displays better in black & white.




Isaac Lake, Bruce Peninsula

By James MacDougall

Today I had the pleasure of discovering for myself yet another corner of the Bruce Peninsula. This time my travels took me North-West of Wiarton to Petrel Point. On the way I saw this magnificent marshland.



Watersnake at Isaac Lake
Watersnake at Isaac Lake