Web design

In our connected world, your website is arguably the most important extension of your brand. A good website is more than just a storage depot for your content. It tells a story, creating a genuine connection with your clients.

At James MacDougall Design Solutions, we help you tell your story effectively providing a unique experience of your brand online. We create visionary interactive websites that are easy-to-navigate with dynamic visual, written and interactive content.

Social media

Social media is the new normal. People are constantly interacting online with friends, colleagues and the products and brands they love. By joining the conversation, you have a unique opportunity to give clients a personal connection to your brand.

So where do you start?

At James MacDougall Design Solutions, we help you be in the right place, at the right time, to make genuine connections with your clients. We create social media solutions that will allow you to interact with clients and give them a personal experience of your brand.

Graphic design

With all the noise online, how do you stand out? You give clients a memorable experience they can connect with. Make them feel something, and they will tweet, comment and share their experience with their world online.

At James MacDougall Design Solutions, we bring visual impact to your content that will give clients a remarkable experience of your brand. We create powerful visual elements for all your marketing and communications needs while staying true to your brand identity.

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