BBC Thinks We Evolved from Chimps

BBC gets it wrong

BBC gets it wrong

I studied anthropology at university. I have an MA in the field. I can assure you that I am not a ‘Creationist‘ and that chimps are NOT our ancestors. In a story published by the BBC on April 27, 2015, titled “Lower back pain linked to chimpanzee spine shape” a caption appeared under a photo of a chimpanzee that read “People with lower back problems are more likely to have a spine similar in shape to the chimpanzee, our closest ape ancestor.” I notified the editor and the caption was replaced with “Chimpanzees are our closest primate relatives” almost immediately. Impressive and now accurate except they moved the original text that still referred to chimps as our ancestors to the start of the story.

Chimpanzees and humans share a common ancestor from which they diverged as separate genus about 8 million years ago.

Chimpanzees genus (Pan) and humans genus (Homo) share approximately 98.8% of their DNA. 1 However humans did not evolve from chimpanzees or vice versa. Humans and chimpanzees diverged from a common ancestor about 8 million years ago. 2 We are related, but chimps are no more our ancestors than your brother is your grandfather (unless you come from a very strange family but we don’t need to know about that thank you).

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Just in time for Marvel’s Ant Man Movie

Ant man Meets the Tiny Robots

Ant man Meets the Tiny Robots

The BBC reports that tiny robots called “micro tugs” can pull 2000 times their own weight; the equivalent of a person lifting a blue whale! Thanks to feet designs based on the gecko, micro tugs are also capable of effortlessly climbing walls like Spider-man.

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Best Phone Camera in the Galaxy?

If you are choosing your next phone based on the quality of the camera you might want to choose the Galaxy S6 by Samsung over the Apple 6. According to a recent article on CNET the Galaxy S6 has a bigger sensor and better resolution allowing it to capture more detail than the iPhone 6. Keep in mind however that the lens on the Galaxy may distort the pictures edges more than the iPhone. Maybe not a big deal but here is the CNET review of the Galaxy S6 >> rates the iPhone slightly lower than the S6. User ratings show a solid preference for the Galaxy giving it a 10 out of 10 as of this publication date (April 27, 2015) . in fact if you want to compare phone specs and ratings allows you to select any model and get an instant side-by-side comparison.

Phone Arena compares Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

Phone Arena compares Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6

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Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

A newly discovered species may ironically turn out to be a living fossil. Discovered in 1986 off the coast of Tasmania, the mushroom shaped Dendrogramma has recently undergone scrutiny to determine it’s taxonomical classification. So far it has been narrowed down to belonging to the animal Kingdom. After that narrowing things down is proving to be problematic. Jean Just of the Natural History Museum of Denmark says “We’ve basically discovered an animal which we cannot place in the current animal system that science operates with.”

The tiny organism is 1.5 cm in height and little over one centimetre in width. the organism consists of little more than a stalk with a mouth on one end and seems to have no system for movement.Genetic analysis cannot be performed on the organisms as they were preserved in a formaldehyde/alcohol solution, a method that does not preserve genetic material.


Further Reading:

Mushroom-shaped deep-sea animal Dendrogramma baffles scientists – CBC News

Deep sea ‘mushroom’ may be new branch of life – BBC News

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Word Press 4.0 Released


Version 4.0 of WordPress, named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, is available for download or update


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