Tea Time


I personally know more people who enjoy the ritual of coffee on a daily basis than tea, however coffee never sat well with me and had that not been the case I likely would have fallen into the coffee camp and missed out on some wonderful taste experiences that can only be found in tea.

I had given up drinking tea for a while but recently had the good fortune to become reaquainted with it’s pleasures thanks to a friend with a generous spirit and access to a great tea store, Infusion Bouteaque in Fort Langley.

Here are the teas I have added to my collection:

Tiger Hill: An exceptional Nilgiri tea with floral notes. A blend of leaves from three crop periods give it a rich aroma and smooth taste.

Creme Earl Grey: Black tea with cornflower petals and bergamot.

Russian Caravan: A black tea blend with qualities of China and Assam.

Versailles Lavender:  A black tea with lavender and cornflower petals.

Organic Pussimbing: A Darjeeling green tea.

Good Feeling Sencha: A green tea with  papaya, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, currants and rose blooms.

Passion Fruit Mango: A green tea with mango, mangosteen peel and mullein flowers.

Monk’s Blend: A blend of black and green teas with vanilla.

Prince of Wales: A blend of black and green teas with cornflower and safflower petals.

Vanilla Kipferl: Black tea, amaranth, almonds, macadamia, cactus flower, vanilla.

Georgie’s Tea Party:  A black and green tea blend with jasmine blossoms and cornflower petals.

Yorkshire Harrogate: A luxury black tea.

English Earl Grey with Blue Flower:

Blueberry Bavaria: Pu Erh tea with black currant and cornflower blossoms.

Apricot Chai: Gunpowder tea, cinnamon, cassis, fennel, pepper apricot, cloves and ginger

Arabian Knights: A black tea with pineapple, apple, sweet blackberry, peppermint, pepper, curry powder and pink peppers.

Gobsmacked: This one is a specialty and exclusive of The Fort Langley Tea Co. and is truly exceptional. Also available at the Infusion Bouteaque.

Faux vintage books store my tea stash on the shelf.
Faux vintage books store my tea stash on the shelf.